Vienna, 28 November 2000

10.00 - Opening Session
G. Kernthaler, Austrian Chamber of Commerce
R.M. Roy, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India
G. Zaccarin, Head of the Italian Institute of Culture
F. Freschi, The project "Europe and India: Past, Present and Future"
B.G. Sidharth, Why the hydrology project?
P. Hacker, The initial phase of the pilot project in Patancheru
G. Bianchi, The international role of CISM

15.00 - Presentation of the year 2001 courses
B.G. Sidharth, Courses in Europe
G. Bianchi, Courses in India

15.45 - Presentation of joint research project
B.G. Sidharth, R.L. Dhar, F. Freschi, P. Hacker, R. Spendlingwimmer, M. Jung
The Pilot project "Urban Hydrology & Groundwater Pollution in the Area of Patancheru"