The general aim of the Project was to extend the Indo-European co-operation, at present very active in the field of physics and mathematics, to the applications of mechanical sciences and computer science to engineering extended to environment, management, etc. The Project was carried out in Italy, India and Austria, for favouring the exchange and the collaboration of scientists and research workers. An example of this co-operation has been a joint research into hydrology, a topic of great relevance both in India and Europe. The results of the Project are available not only in the traditional form of printed material, but also on Internet, in multimedia products and in a database.


The Project aimed to establish a network in order to develop collaborative interaction, research and common activities both in Europe and in India. The main objectives of the Project were: a) bringing together scientists, research workers and experts in Europe and India; b) promoting the collaboration with scientists belonging to institutions not involved in the project; c) preparing the ground for possibile extension of the network in India and in Europe.


The project focused on: courses; joint research project; multimedia assistance. Courses on mechanical sciences, industrial automation, hydrology, environment and management have been organized in Europe and in India. These intensive courses consisted in 35 lectures in a week, the equivalent of a one semester university course. The joint research project focused mainly on the consequences of human activities in highly populated areas on the quality and quantity of the groundwater/drinking water. The joint research project has been carried out in India. At the same time, information has been collected and discussed in India, Austria and Italy. The multimedia assistance focused on the creation of multimedia products (audiovisual, database and Cd-Rom) documenting the results of the courses and of the joint research project.


The Project was aimed primarily at: scientists, research workers and experts in the field of mechanical sciences, computer science, industrial automation, hydrology, environment and management; experts in water management, water exploration, water protection; chief executives from central and state government; engineers and experts working in industry.


"Europe and India: Past, Present and Future" is a Project co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of the "EU-India Economic Cross-Cultural Programme". The Project is conducted by four institutions:

  • Societ� Indologica "Luigi Pio Tessitori" (Italy)
  • International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (Italy)
  • �FPZ Arsenal (Austria)
  • B.M. Birla Science Centre (India)