Udine, 5 October 2001

11.00 - The year 1999-2001 courses
B.G. Sidharth, Courses in Europe
G. Bianchi, Courses in India

14.30 - Presentation of joint research project
B.G. Sidharth, F. Freschi, P. Hacker, R. Spendlingwimmer, M. Jung
The Pilot project "Urban Hydrology & Groundwater Pollution in the Area of Patancheru"

16:00 - Final Session
F. Honsell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Udine
H. Sabaditsch, Consul General of Austria to Italy
S. Singh, Consul General of India to Italy
F. Freschi, The project "Europe and India: Past, Present and Future"
B.G. Sidharth, A platform for the interaction of experts, professionals and research workers
G. Bianchi, Towards future projects of co-operation
P. Hacker, Pilot project in the Patancheru area: final remarks