Hyderabad, 10 December 1999

12.30 - Inaugural Function
H.E. C. Naidu, Chief-Minister of Andhra Pradesh
H.E. B. Amari, Ambassador of Italy
H. Rampitsch, Austrian Trade Commissioner - Embassy of Austria
F. Freschi, The project "Europe and India: Past, Present and Future"
B.G. Sidharth, The Computer and Software Scene in India
G. Bianchi, CISM: 30 year’s experience in the Mechanical Sciences
P. Hacker, Fifty years of Ground Water Research at Arsenal

15.00 - Lectures
A.S.R. Murthy, Reliability Engineering and Software
J.S.R. Subrahmanyam, Computer System Architecture
P. Crescenzi, Design of Heuristics for the Solution of Complex Problems in Resource Management.

16.00 - Presentation of the year 2000 courses
B.G. Sidharth, Courses in Europe
G. Bianchi, Courses in India

16.30 - Presentation of joint research project
P. Hacker - R. Spendlingwimmer, Sustainable Ground Water Management and Ground Water protection in the R.R. District of Hyderabad

At the end of the workshop a press briefing took place in order to disseminate to the press the results of the project.